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How WestWood Company Ltd. and Yaya Jammeh collude to defraud the Gambian people – Part I

The name Nicholae Bogdan Buzaianu may not ring a bell to many Gambians despite being one of Yaya Jammeh's closest and consequential but one...

$900,000,000 from Gambian-registered companies stashed in Panama, Gambians demand explanation

Exactly three years ago, we published this post on the Panama Papers and the Gambian companies listed in them which helped Gambians focus attention...

Trans-Gambia Bridge Project design is a legitimate concern of Gambians

The TransGambia Bridge Project has become current again as a topic of discussion following the recent visit of President Barrow to Senegal where it...

Press Release of the US Embassy in Banjul, The Gambia on the continued progress in advancing Fiscal Transparency

EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Banjul, The Gambia For Immediate Release Kathryn Edwards, Public Affairs Officer, 439-2856 July 13, 2020 PRESS RELEASE: The Gambia’s Continued Progress in...

The Gambia: A Stimulus Plan to address the socio-economic impact of Coronavirus on lives and livelihoods

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    Business, civil society and youth ask the Gambia to prioritize poor and vulnerable in its Covid-19 response plan Banjul- April 8, 2020 - A...

WESTWOOD : Dealing in conflict timber, criminal complaint against Mr. Buzaianu at a Swiss court

A TRIAL International Press Release about the criminal complaint filed against Mr. Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu  According to the criminal complaint (denonciation penale) filed by TRIAL...

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